Datomize offers a hasslefree experience, creating and deploying machine learning models which continue to learn and progress, always adapting to changes and new data. The Datomize platform is real-time and automatic, training and selecting the best algorithm to fit the incoming datasets and goals. No coding is needed and deployment is automatic as well, whether to test assumptions and new directions within the platform itself or integrated in your code, using APIs.

Today, most machine learning development requires highly skilled professionals and slow iterative processes until a static model is created that provides good predictions but will break once conditions are changed. A large part of the work, done by data scientist teams revolves around the operations of the learning, preparing and loading datasets, coding different algorithms and working on deployment of successful models. Once the incoming data changes, this routine has to repeat.

With Datomize you can focus on your core business and utilize a one-stop-shop service to create a machine learning model in record time, flexibility and ease of use. This frees time and resources and reduces your operating costs significantly.

Dashboard Example

The Datomize platform can cater to individuals or companies with minimal data science experience or to larger entities with data science capabilities who want to try out a new idea or reduce the operations cost while automating the process of Machine Learning